Colostrum is bad for baby

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Colostrum is the breast fluid which is produced and released by the breast after delivery of a baby before the actual breast milk is produced.

It appears light yellow in colour and is rich in proteins, including antibodies, which are responsible for fight against infection. It is also rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats and growth hormones.

The digestive enzymes present in it help in food digestion. It promotes growth and good health in babies.

It is unfortunate that in some cultures this same beneficial colostrum is said to be bad for babies.

In such cultures, young mothers are taught to express and discard it because, according to them, the milk is not good for a newborn baby. Different superstitions have been cooked up by those teaching this.

It is therefore important to know that whatever superstition or theory used to back up their claim, it is baseless.

Colostrum is beneficial to new born baby. It helps newborn babies to fight germs early in life due to the antibody content and provides rich source of protein to them. Discarding this rich source of nutrients rather does arm rather than benefits babies. 

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I just needed to know if colostrum occur in all cases.

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