Refraining from drinking cold water in pregnancy

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Some women have complained that they were told not to drink cold water in pregnancy so that it will not affect their baby.

There is no scientific basis for this advice because the baby is in a different compartment from where the drinking water goes to.

While the water a pregnant woman drinks stays in the intestine, which is part of the digestive system, the baby is inside the uterus, a part of the reproductive system.

Therefore, the water a pregnant woman drinks has no direct relationship with the baby in the womb.

Pregnant women are at liberty to drink cold water as well as warm water as much as they are comfortable with it. There is no any harm to the baby.

Any harm envisaged to the baby is only in the imagination of those spreading the message. The water a woman drinks goes into the blood circulation from the gut. And before doing so, its temperature will equalise with that of the body.

The baby gets its nutrients and other ingredients from the blood circulation at the placental bed. This is the point where the mother interacts with the baby in her womb.

So there is no effect of the cold water a woman drinks on the baby

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