Routine multivitamins and antibiotics for newborn

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There is a widespread belief that, in addition to breast milk, newborn babies need routine multivitamins to grow well.

In order to catch up with this belief, pharmaceutical companies have produced different multivitamins targeted at babies, with different trade names.

It is important to know that newborn babies that are well breastfed do not need extra multivitamins. All the nutrients they need are in breast milk.

The breast milk supplies food, water and vitamins in direct proportion to the baby’s need at specific periods of growth. So, any extra vitamin supplied to the baby in form of supplement is of no use.

Some women even give the newborn baby antibiotics which are not recommended by doctors. They just purchase them over the counter and start giving the child without any indication.

One tends to wonder what the need for antibiotics is in a healthy newborn baby. It is their assumption that newborn babies should be taking drugs so they can be strong and avoid getting sick.

They are oblivious to the fact that this action, which is of no benefit to the child, can cause arm to the child. In addition, this creates resistant strains which make treatment difficult should the baby get sick in the nearest future.

It is therefore important for women to know that newborn babies do not need any other thing than breast milk.

When they are sick, they should be made to see doctors who will make specific diagnosis and recommend specific treatment, targeted at the ailment.

With this, the baby is saved from unnecessary adverse effects of drugs and the risk of breeding resistant strains of the microorganisms. 

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