Severe Hypertension

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Severe hypertension (high blood pressure up to 160/110 mmHg and above) needs urgent attention because the blood pressure level may lead to rupture of blood vessels in the brain, resulting in stroke.

This may render the person incapacitated for life. A great impediment to early presentation is that high blood pressure hardly gives symptoms. This is the reason regular medical check-up is very important.

In some people, severe hypertension may give symptoms such as headache, blurring of vision, inability to sleep or dizziness. These symptoms usually make these people seek urgent attention where their conditions will be diagnosed and treatment rendered.  

What to do before getting to the hospital?

If you have your drugs but have not been taking them, and you notice your blood pressure has gone up to severe range or you have one of the symptoms of severity such as severe headache, blurring of vision, etc, you may take a dose of the drug before heading to the hospital.

This may be important in helping you prevent complications before reaching the hospital.

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