Tying tight abdominal band after delivery

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Many women believe that for their abdomen to go back to its normal state after childbirth, they need to tie tight band across it.

This belief, though without any scientific basis, has been passed from generation to generation. To start with, abdominal enlargement occurs in pregnancy due to enlargement of the uterus in response to baby’s growth and accumulation of some fat and water.

These are normal processes in pregnancy which are supposed to get corrected naturally after childbirth.

It is therefore expected that after delivery, the uterus will go back to its original size and other body changes will return to normal.

These activities take some time to occur. However, because of the length of time this requires, some women are sometimes disturbed with the thought that the abdomen may not return to its pre-pregnancy state.

They therefore become desperate to get the abdomen back to its original size in the shortest possible time. It is at this point they get all sorts of advice on what to do and how to go about it.

It is advisable that women should know that due to certain factors during pregnancy such as:

  1. The size or number of babies in the uterus,
  2. The elasticity of the abdominal wall and
  3. The amount of weight gained by the woman in pregnancy.

Not all of them will have their abdomen return to their pre-pregnancy state, no matter the method used. This is an important fact which is difficult for some women to come to terms with. 

Women with large babies or twin pregnancies may recover from pregnancy with lax abdominal wall which may not return to their original size or state.

Excessive weight gain in pregnancy may be shed after delivery by engaging in weight reduction programme. This will help women in this category reduce, not only abdominal size but the general body size.

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